May is the month of ‘grass’ (asparagus) – the quintessential taste of Spring. With fair weather, supplies will be plentiful over the next few weeks – so celebrate it on your menus.



Right now, lemons and limes are tight – prices are erratic. British strawberries will be loving this blast of sun. Much of the other soft fruit hails from Spain. Stone fruit, too, is now from this zone of the Northern Hemisphere with the end of the South African season. British outdoor rhubarb is well priced. Piel de Sapo melons and the first watermelons are on hand.



British kales, cabbages, and purple sprouting joins the first bunched beetroot and turnips. Jersey Royal mids are a good call, along with Majorcan spuds. Peppers are moving from Spanish to Dutch. Italian broad beans and peas are always a winner. Wild garlic is tailing off but still available.  Tomatoes of all shapes and sizes are starting to eat as they should.


Borlotti beans Chillies

From the Continent, Borlotti beans are a classy touch. Chillies, such as these fiery Habaneros, are well priced. Nettles and the first elderflowers are you best bet for something wild and foraged.

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