Welcome to our July market report. You know summer is truly here when English cherries hit the stage. They are fighting it out with Spanish and Turkish, which tend to flood the market. Note that ‘grass is over. Other highlights include English runner beans and gooseberries.

You may well be wondering about prices after the Brexit vote. A few lines have spiked a little, such as premium Dutch cucumbers – call if you have any queries. Fluctuations in the Euro exchange rate and poor weather on the Continent are to blame.



This time of year is the classic season for soft fruit. British gooseberries are now available – both green and red varieties. Strawberries are at their peak. Summer raspberries are also on hand. For currants, we can offer white and red but black are just ripening up. Blackberries are looking gorgeous.


For stone fruit, cherries lead the way alongside peaches – flat and round; white and standard – nectarines, plums and apricots from Spain. Melons are also a good buy, including watermelons. Most grapes are from North Africa. Apples from New Zealand.


TomatoesBroad beans

Make the most of tomatoes – there really is the most fantastic range available. English runner beans join peas and broad beans. Jersey Royal potatoes remain on fine form. British bunched carrots and beetroots are in season. Brassicas include Savoy, curly kale and pointed cabbage. Squashes tend to be from the Continent, but homegrown courgettes are an option. Don’t forget the flowers, too, for stuffing.



British herbs are in excellent shape – it’s a pleasure not to have to import these staples from abroad. Wild mushrooms include morels from USA, mousseron and girolle.

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