In today’s post our buyer gives us the low-down on what’s happening with produce at New Covent Garden Market in June. What should you add to your orders, and what do you need to watch?


English broad beans and pears are in stock.

Cauliflower is in good supply and is currently good value.

We still have English asparagus which is priced well.  Spanish asparagus is coming to an end and the South American price is set to rise.

We have Spanish parsnips and beetroot now in stock, and English Broccoli is starting along with Primo Cabbage. Savoy has started but currently small is size.

New Season English carrot is around two weeks away and Chantenay carrots are from Spain.

New season Spanish onion has started.


The last of the European Granny, Red Delicious and Braeburn are coming to an end, and we will see the first New Zealand Braeburn arriving. The Southern Hemisphere season is now in full swing, so the Pink Lady and Granny Smith will be tight in the coming months.

Oranges are going to be tight as Egyptian Valencia small sizes will be short for the juicing market. South African Navels going to be short in supply due to the fruit splitting on the tree. There has been no update about the Valencia crops.
Lemon and citrus remain high in price, and not what we would describe as top condition. This affecting all citrus growers. The jaffa mandarin season has finished abruptyly.  South African Clementine’s are about to start.

The first South African lemons arrived in late May and we also have Argentinean. However there has been issues in Argentina with worker strikes and a shortage of containers which will affect supply in the coming weeks.

Limes will be available from both Mexico and Brazil.

The Stonefruit season is in full swing and we have good apricots, peaches and plums, although there is a shortage of good quality nectarines.

English berries are now in full stream and English strawberries eating well and popular with our clients. English blueberry will be available in the month.

Spanish black figs are about to start so make the most of them. Pomegranate will be of Southern Hemisphere origin.

We expect to see an increase in prices for pineapples this month.

Both watermelon and honeydew melon have rocketed in price due to origin changing with what is a premature shift in area of production.


The Brazil nut producing countries have had a disastrous year so all brazil nuts are either not available, or very expensive.

image credit: premier fruits


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