Apples are very versatile – different varieties, colours and textures. They can be used in a variety of different ways as well as in a packed lunch.

If you have good quality apples then it’s not just your usual tart tatins and chutneys. I find they work really well in a savoury dishes – in salads. They work really well with scallops, for example, because of their sweetness and acidity. Crab and apple is just amazing.


If you want a bit of sharpness in a salad that you wouldn’t necessarily get from an onion or something similar then apple is a way that you could bring the flavour out.

Apple could bring to life a curry – like the old fashioned Coronation Chicken. The classic for that is apple and sultana. Why not turn that on it on the head and do a Coronation Chicken salad without the mayo? Instead of a mayonnaise lightly dust the chicken with the curry spices then a little mixed salad, apple, spring onion and few golden sultanas. Then make a little toasted almond dressing with lime juice and wholegrain mustard. Your alternative Coronation Chicken. Or how about pan fried scallops with bacon and cauliflower puree?

Bramleys hold up on cookery. They are nice to add to a dressing or desserts. You can make classic apple sauces and purees but you can slightly sour them in a pickling liquor so you are getting ultra tartness.

If you had a bit of seared seabass, then serve with macerated fennel in a honey and mustard dressing . With this,  a sour Bramley apple dressing would work a treat. I would pickle the apple – heat white wine vinegar or cider vinegar with half the weight of sugar. Then add half a diced Bramley apple. Pickle it then remove the fruit from the liquid and reduce it down further and then add a bit of avocado oil for a bit of green colour and fruit. I would add some basil, too. So this would be sour apple and basil dressing on top of the fish.


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