As autumn settles in, there’s a top notch range of produce available in October. Harvests of apples pears are among the many highlights.


Cox applesSatsumas

We can now offer a wide range of apple varieties: Cox, Early Windsor, russets and even Gala. The first batches of clementines are a sure sign that Christmas is around the corner. Act fast if you want the last of the Continental stone fruit – peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots. Supply will then swing round to the Southern Hemisphere. English plums are finished. Turkish figs are all but over – French are an option, but more expensive.




English brassicas are a good buy in October. Broccoli in particular is very well priced at the time of writing. Brussel spouts and tops are on hand. Sweetcorn is also a good bet. There’s a dazzling range of squashes, including the mini pumpkins pictured above and giant pumpkins for Halloween. English roots, including parsnips, are available. There is still a wide range of tomatoes, too. This is a good time for British spuds – still well priced before supplies begin to tighten over Christmas. Note that English salads are winding down now.


round courgettesborlotti beans

For something different, how about round courgettes or Borlotti? Other imports include celeriac, artichokes and Romanesco. Chestnuts are also worth a shout.

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